It is all about the skin.

Carefully selected raw cotton and water


To achieve
the unparalleled quality,
The Ginza Specialty Cotton
is made with select
raw cotton and water.

We take the high-quality raw cotton,
the only material and turn it
into cosmetic cotton
using soft water free of impurities.
They are the foundation
of The Ginza Specialty Cotton.

Commitment to ideal raw cotton

Thin, long fiber ideal
for absorbing and releasing.

Raw cotton fibers can come in a wide variety of lengths and thicknesses. We use a thin and long one, because its large surface makes it ideal to absorb lotion and release it as it touches the skin. We carefully select fine-quality raw cotton to create an optimal blend for each product.

  • Extra Long Staple Cotton
    Extra Long Staple Cotton
  • Long Staple Cotton
    Long Staple Cotton
  • Medium-Long Staple Cotton
    Staple Cotton
  • Short Staple Cotton
    Short Staple Cotton
    *Not used by Shiseido.

Raw cotton sourced
from all over the world

All the raw cotton used to create The Ginza Specialty Cotton is fresh and natural. We select and import from all over the world. We source from both the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere to ensure a stable supply throughout the year. That is why the quality and function are always consistent.

Commitment to ideal water

Harnessing the power
of water

Our cotton is made using Super Water Jet Process. It is a technique to weave cotton fiber using water pressure. First, cotton fiber layers are put through a water curtain to smooth the surface. Then, a series of micro-thin, high-pressure water jets weave the fiber into the cotton. We employ this unique manufacturing technology and change the water pressure and number of jets by product type to craft the range of texture and feel.

The pure water selected
from more than 80 water sources over 2 years.

The water used to make The Ginza Specialty Cotton is pure, soft water free of impurities. Water plays a crucial role in cotton making. It took almost 2 years and visits to 80 regions to find exactly what we were looking for. We built the factory in Higashihiroshima, where this ideal water springs. Because it is pure, no impurities stick to the surface of the cotton, giving the smooth texture. We have since acquired the surrounding mountains to protect the water source and the environment, a win-win for us and the community.